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Monthly Climatological Summary
National Weather Service Marquette MI
1218 PM EDT Wed Apr 19 2017

...March 2017 Climate Statistics For Newberry...

...Below Normal Precipitation and Snowfall...

...Near Normal Monthly Mean Temperature...

                                    Normal   Departure
Average temperature         26.4     26.8  minus    0.4
Average high temperature    33.0     35.9  minus    2.9
Average low temperature     19.8     17.7   plus    2.1
Heating degree days         1189     1177   plus     12
Cooling degree days            0        0             0
Total precipitation         1.58     2.27  minus   0.69
Total snowfall              11.3     17.9  minus    6.6

Highest temperature:                    50 on 3/28
Lowest temperature:                     -3 on 3/4
Greatest 24 hour precipitation:       0.43 on 3/7
Greatest 24 hour snowfall:             3.1 on 3/10

No new daily or monthly records established in March 2017
 ...3rd Warmest and 15th Wettest August Through March at Newberry...

                         Average Temperature

              Observed Normal Departure    Record           Rank
Newberry        39.6    35.8    +3.8   41.0 /2011-12/    3rd warmest


              Observed Normal Departure     Record          Rank
Newberry       25.44   23.30    +2.14  37.39 /2001-02/  15th highest
Note that statistics presented are a combination of data collected
at a site near Newberry and the Luce County Airport. Normals,
calculated for the period 1981 through 2010, and records may reflect
observations taken at other sites near Newberry since 1896. Note all
temperatures are in fahrenheit and precipitation is in inches. All
climate data listed in this product are unofficial. For official
data, please refer to the National Climatic Data Center.

NWS Marquette web page is at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/mqt/index.htm.
Contact the National Climatic Data Center at (828) 271-4800 or


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