February 8, 2009

Rivers, Tides, and Buoys

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Added three new plugins created by Hamweather:

All three have been tied into the existing features of WXForecasting.com.  The Rivers and Tides plugins are tied into the local forecast page.  Thus, if you are looking at a location with Rivers or Tide gauges near by, it will be displayed.  The Buoy plugin has been incorporated into the previous Buoy maps and will display the observation data when clicking on a site.

January 12, 2008

Additional Buoy Maps Added

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Added Buoy Maps for:

Look for additional maps over the next couple of days and a rearrange of the Buoy Links in the Left Menu.

October 4, 2007

Updated Buoy Page

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A couple changes on the NDBC page caused the Buoy pages to stop working.  Everything looks to be in order now.